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In whichever metropolis you live within the world, there are different humans there too. And if there are different people there, there may also be children. And if youngsters exist, their games exist too. And what do kids throughout play? Ball video games – soccer, baseball and so many other ball video games. But there’s a problem with that. When the children kick the ball, throw it and bat it, it isn’t constantly controlled and on occasion will locate its way for your car. All the at the same time as your vehicle has been sitting peacefully to your driveway. Suddenly a ball comes flying out of nowhere, and slams into the pinnacle of your car. The ball gets fetched, but in the interim what is left is a huge unsightly mark, and stain. It should ever leave a dent within the hood or door of your vehicle. And when there are people using bikes round for your community, you may locate that every so often your car receives an unsightly scratch from a bike cope with.

But there is simply this sort of easy way to prevent your car from receiving such marks and stains from the stray gadgets like neighborhood balls. You recognize how? By the usage of a car cover. Full vehicle covers offer total protection to the exterior of your automobile and its paint work. The marks left with the aid of the balls can be caught by using the cover and will most effective grimy the duvet. Many full car covers also provide safety towards dents and dings, so you will not need to fear about different automobiles’ doors knocking into your vehicle and denting it. The cover will shield from scratches that can are available in all specific methods, including from the ones bike handles and flying leaves or branches.

So now you’ll no longer ought to get irritated when you see the children out of your street gambling their infantile games, and riding on their bicycles around and nearby your automobile. You now recognize that even if the ball loses its manner and springs into your driveway and hits your automobile, it’ll no longer depart marks at the vibrant outdoors. A bicycle manage is not a hazard to the paint paintings of your automobile. The complete car covers do their job.


Last October the Brazilian consumer was the first in the world to receive the new Jeep Compass. Now the average SUV that has become the absolute leader of its segment – a true success story among SUVs – comes to the 2018 lineup with new versions and developments that bring even more technology, style, convenience and off-road capability. The Compass line is even more complete with the Limited Diesel setting. It arrives to be a more sophisticated alternative within the line equipped with the engine 2.0 MultiJet II, of 170 hp and 350 Nm and the transmission of nine speeds. Alongside the Compass Trailhawk, with all its vocation for off-road, this new option forms a pair of top versions. All versions powered by the 2.0-liter Tigershark Flex, up to 166 hp, received the Stop / Start system, an important advance in the field of energy efficiency. Beside the intelligent alternator and fuel pump, which work on demand only when needed, this technology made Compass Flex up to 100% waterproof car cover more economical.

More sophistication

Another important innovation is that every Jeep Compass 2018 has compatibility with the Android Auto and Apple Carplay systems as standard, making the efficient Uconnect multimedia hub even better, which is internationally prized for the number of features and ease of use. And in the Sport version, the evolution became more visible, literally, with the current screen switching to a larger, 7.0-inch, high-definition color. The other configurations display the already established 8.4-inch monitor. The graphics have been modernized and are applied to both types of screens. And there are more new standard equipment scattered all over the Compass line: for the Sport, the air conditioner becomes two-zone digital as in other configurations. The Longitude (Flex and Diesel) versions come with leather seats, which can be in the new Ski Graycolor, an elegant light shade of gray available also for Limited options, which continues with the Caramel option in addition to Black (standard in Longitude and Trailhawk). Speaking in color, it is worth highlighting the increased options, with the introduction of the solid Green Recon, recently used in the special 75-year series of the Jeep Renegade, and the metallic Brown Horizon. Other innovations are in the list of options, with electric opening of the trunk lid for the Trailhawk and Limited versions, which can now be equipped with 19-inch wheels married to 235/45 tires – the standard ones are 18 inches paired with 225/55 tires.

National most technological SUV

Apart from all the content that debuts in the 2018 line of the Jeep Compass, the model continues to stand out as the average SUV with the highest level of technology among all manufactured in Brazil. Available for the Limited and Trailhawk versions, the High Tech package is made up of advanced items such as: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Track Change Tracking (LDW), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Warning and Prevention (FCWP), which includes automatic braking, remote start of the engine and Park Assist semi-automatic parking system, which operates in parallel and perpendicular paths. In addition, there are noteworthy standard equipment for Compass Limited and Trailhawk, such as xenon headlamps and blind spot monitoring (which can be adjusted to give only visual, visual and audible warnings or until switched off). And in the Longitude setting the Keyless Enter ‘n’ Go presence switch is factory set.


The FCA Group has long been linked to the forces and security forces of the Italian state. The relationship was born after World War II, when all patrol vehicles were Alfa Romeo. Since then, several models have joined the authorities, among them are some designed for off-road driving and signed by the Jeep. The American manufacturer made available to the Carabinieri during this time a series of models of the Renegade and Wrangler models, which have just received a reinforcement with the arrival of a new member to the fleet, an older brother who will be willing to fight crime, especially in the counterterrorism unit. This is the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In fact, there will be 19 copies that will be made available to the Italian police. All of them have a special equipment and a series of elements of the patrol cars. As an example of safety, the Grand Cherokee uses a shield that extends through the windshield, side and rear windows, tires and body, plus the presence of a suspension that has been reinforced to improve the capabilities of the SUV. These special models feature new blue LED flashing lights on the rear cover and placed on the sides of the number plate. Inside, they are equipped with advanced technological systems that are used by the Carabinieri, such as the Odino system, which connects in real time to the joint databases of the Italian police, as well as the authorities of registry of vehicles. The system runs on a 7.0-inch Android tablet and conveniently sits on a sliding frame in the dashboard. Regarding the mechanical part, this Jeep Grand Cherokee of the Italian police is driven by a turbo diesel diesel V6 Multijet of 3.0 liters and a power of 190 hp. This block is coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission with torque converter and a four-wheel drive system.  The first copy of the fleet of 19 vehicles was delivered to the Italian Carabinieri a few days ago in Rome. By the end of this year, the entire Grand Cherokee fleet will be in active service in Italy, reinforcing the historic association between the FCA Group and the Carabinieri.


Some brands of the FCA group have decided to advance some important news that will be presented at the Hall of New York 2017. The first full image of the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has been revealed and now the images and the first data of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, to be the most powerful SUV in the world. There is no manufacturer that offers an SUV with the power number of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: 717 hp. The Mercedes-AMG G 65 develops 630 hp, while the BMW X5 M and the Porsche Panamera Turbo are behind the G 65. This spectacular power rating is due to the introduction of the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine that is used in the Dodge’s Hellcat versions, delivering 717 hp and 875 Nm of maximum torque. This allows the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) in only 3.5 seconds and to achieve the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds, reaching a speed of 186 km / h. Its maximum speed is 280 km / h. But this new version of the Cherokee line is not only engine, since it equips to great disc brakes with forceps of 6 pistons in the front and four in the back signed by the Brembo, what allows him to brake in the dry from the 100 km / h in 35 meters.

A very important difference compared to other models equipped with the Hellcat V8 engine is the 8-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission, which in the case of the Jeep has a Track mode in which the changes are made in only 160 milliseconds. The wheels are 20 inches on both axles and can mount cast or forged aluminum wheels. Aesthetically it is not easy to distinguish it from the Cherokee SRT8, as they are very similar. The only palpable differences are the new front air intakes, which are functional. One is used to cool the engine, while the other is used to cool the lubrication system. In addition to the new air intakes, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk features 4 black exhaust ports instead of the two we saw in test prototypes, and the ‘Trackhawk’ and ‘Supercharged’ emblems on various parts of the body. The interior offers the best configuration available on the Grand Cherokee line, with an 8.4-inch touch screen for the infotainment system, which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As new features come the performance visualization features. After its presentation in New York, its commercialization will not happen until the last quarter of this year.


The first images of the new generation of the Jeep Wrangler we were able to meet a few weeks ago, but now for its premiere at the Los Angeles Show 2017, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has released a huge photo gallery, which allows you to meet the iconic model from all angles and details. The new generation of Jeep all-terrain will hit the market completely renovated next year, but with an exterior aesthetic that managed to retain its main characteristics unchanged, such as the traditional vertical seven-bar grille, round headlights and its unmistakable profile.  The new Jeep Wrangler was developed on a new platform and includes a body with aluminum panels, which allowed to reduce its weight in relation to the previous model. It will be available in enclosed and convertible body format with both removable panels and in foldable roof versions of fabric. Where changes really are most evident with this renovation is on the inside, while retaining the panel format, adds new technologies and trims that can improve the perception of quality. It now includes new instrumentation with a 7.0-inch color screen that covers on-board computer functions as well as a new UConnect infotainment system with a touch screen up to 8.4 inches with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and integrated navigation. The engine offering of the new Jeep Wrangler 2018 will include two petrol alternatives in the United States. The first of these will be the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 that develops 290 horsepower, which comes coupled to a six-speed manual or automatic eight-ratio transmission. In addition, there will be a new turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine with 270 horsepower. It is a micro-hybrid that will be associated with a 48-volt battery that reuses the braking energy, which can also be combined with a manual or automatic transmission. Subsequently the line will be complemented with a diesel engine of 2.0 liters, that will be destined to the markets of Europe.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the most powerful SUV on the market, but that did not stop Hennessey Performance, a well-known American-based American preparer, taking it to a new level. After leaving its 6.2-liter V8 engine with 1,000 horsepower, in a version that was announced about a year ago, John Hennessey’s brand has just released a version with 1,216 horsepower and 1,354 Nm of maximum torque. These numbers, which nearly double the 717 hp that the Trackhawk delivers as standard, allow this ‘Super SUV’ to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.3 seconds and to reach the quarter mile in just 9.6 seconds. The maximum announced speed is 322 km / h. To reach these numbers, Hennessey added a new air induction system, new manifolds, a huge volumetric compressor and a few other changes to the already powerful 4.5-liter V8 engine. In addition, according to the trainer, it is possible to activate and deactivate the total traction system. Limited to only 24 units, this HPE1200 version of the Hennessey Performance Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is available in the United States for $ 179,000. Watch the video .

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